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Text Speed is the best digital marketing company in Chennai, we can help you reach your target audience at the correct time. Our professional Digital Marketing Team will assist you in increasing your company's revenue and growing it. We are completely committed to providing you with the greatest digital marketing solution possible in order to deliver all of the benefits that digital marketing can provide. Digital Marketing, commonly misunderstood as a single activity, actually is a field that requires orchestrated coordination of multiple carefully thought activities. Selection of the right mix for Digital Marketing activities that blend with the brand, offline marketing efforts, customer base, competitors' activities is imperative. Having chosen, the tuning of efforts based on results calls for fast response. What works for someone, including the competitor may not work for a business. This is where, Pixel Studios, plays the role of a Digital Marketing Agency..

We deliver return on investment, and tell you exactly how we're doing it along the way. Sounds simple, but it makes the world of difference to our clients and their campaigns.

In this 21st century, things are growing digitally in a vigorous manner.Traditional marketing is dying and businesses are using Digital Marketing to scale their business to great heights. Textspeed, One of the leading Digital Marketing Agency in chennai, has a team of marketing experts who analyse your business,competitors,right audience,products, and digital things to give the perfect analytics of your business.

Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai

Digital Marketing Service and it's types

The main advantage of digital marketing is that a targeted audience can be reached in a cost-effective and measurable way.

SEO Optimization

Outrank your competitor and stay at the top of Google with our targeted, affordable and result oriented scientific SEO strategy.

Social Media Marketing

Turn your brand stories into business performance using Social Media. Laser targeting, clicks to conversions, closing sales, and much more..

Content Marketing

Curate content that connects customers with your brand. Every piece of content has emotional triggers that drive people to take driving decisions.

Pay Per Click

Every click matters. That’s why we convert clicks to sales by creating powerful adverts and optimizing the campaigns to their maximum potential.

Online Reputation Management

Positive reviews multiply your sales. You spent years to build reputation. Are you protecting it? Leave it to us, we guard your reputation 24*7.

Email Marketing

Utilise our marketing expertise to build your brand and crush your revenue goals. Send effective emails and accelerate your ROI by building a loyal audience.

Brand Recognition

Targeting with industry-related keywords will increase your chance of being noticed by your target audience.

Potential Customers

Search engine marketing is the most efficient advertising model to reach your potential customers.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Chennai

How it Works?


Awareness is the first phase of a digital marketing funnel where you have to pull them into the funnel. You do this by making them aware of your brand/business.


A well designed website and crafted content keep visitors interested and engaged with your brand for them to get to know and like you enough to trust you in your brand.


Desire is the phase where you turn interest into desire. This phase move your target audience to trust you that you will deliver whatever your brand promised.


Action phase is where the conversion really takes place. This is where your target customer not only know and like, but trust you enough to buy from you.

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