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Make use of chatbots throughout the customer journey

Chatbots, also referred to as chatterbots, are a type that uses artificial intelligence (AI) employed in messaging applications.

This tool can be a source of the convenience of customers. They are automatized programs that communicate with customers just as a person could and costs little to nothing to interact with.

The most prominent examples are chatbots utilized by companies in Facebook Messenger and as assistants virtual like Amazon's Alexa.

Chatbot customer service generally work in two ways, either via machine learning or following established guidelines. But, because of advances with AI technologies, chatbots working with established guidelines are now an old footnote.

Turn website visitors into paying customers and speed up resolutions for customers by allowing chatbots to be customized. Whatever your situation, whether it's an expanding company or leading market player, ChatBot can help you connect more effectively with your customers and propel your company forward.

Automate customer interactions and begin aiding leads or customers with just a few clicks using the chatbot program we have developed.. Get potential customers to sign up, and route conversations to the appropriate team, and condition messages based on the preferences of the visitors. an easy-to-use chatbot editor.

Our chatbot builder that does not require code will transmit all information directly through Crisp CRM or within the CRM you are using without the need for a single line code. The chatbot editor is available to all employees in your company which means you can begin automatizing workflows for each area of your company.

Specialities of Textspeed

  • Power up your marketing
  • Supercharge your sales
  • Optimize your support
  • Chatbot Service in Chennai

    Keep Conversations Going Across Channels

    Customers want to connect with you using their favorite communication channels. Integrate ChatBot with multiple platforms to make sure you are there for them.

    Mix and match bots

    Choose between flow bots that lead users through sequences or conversational bots that use AI to respond in context.

    Natural language processing

    Carry smoother conversations with visitors. Our chatbot software uses NLP to recognize variations of customer questions.

    Get more done

    One little chat window, endless possibilities. Automate customer support, qualify leads, enable newsletter signups, and more.

    Real-time service

    Reduce wait times with chatbots as your virtual assistants. Wow web visitors with instant customer support.

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