Get your exciting offers and deals delivered to a wide spectrum of potential customers, through our Promotional SMS & DND. The best deal does its own marketing and we make sure it is communicated to the respective people.


Take your business promotions and transactions to the next level, through our pre-recorded bulk voice note /call services. This elegant feature can make your business transactions & promotions, unique and attractive.


Adapt to the current trend of textual communication and let your competitors know you mean business. Whatsapp offers you a great platform, ultimately suited for your marketing needs. With Textspeed, you can use the platform effectively to enhance your business.

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“SMS is a key ingredient in making delicious profits for your businesses”

The dominance of SMS Marketing, over every other existing trend, is owed to the fact that mobile phones and smart phones have become a major component in our every day life, regardless of our age, gender, life style or career.

People trust their phones more than anything now and if someone can get your business there, in their direct reliable view point, just think about the possibilities and the profits it can offer. So, it is no doubt that SMS marketing is probably the most successful marketing technique known to man as of now and utilizing it for your business growth is the smart choice.

At Textspeed, we tirelessly work to offer you the most reliable, accessible and affordable bulk SMS service platform in the country.

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Chennai


“Your Success is ours as Well”

When it comes to SMS Service providers, the count has exponentially increased over the years, owing to the visible business benefits achieved by the users of this service. But, if you are looking to get your business a reliable voice which not only gets the message delivered, but also doesn’t cost you your entire marketing budget,Textspeed got you covered.

The major aspects any business should look for in their SMS Service provider are their professionalism, experience, success rate and affordability. They should understand and work relying on the timely nature of your business, they should know how to get back up when faced with a hurdle, they should have the capacity to learn the process well & delivery a consistent success rate and, they should provide you with the value for your money.

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“We constantly upgrade and innovate to keep us up and running”

SMS With Attachments

Send an enhanced SMS to your clients with Attachments, Pdf, Brochures, Posters at create and make your business look irresistible in the eyes of your customers.

your target audience

Add and organize contacts of your target audience as we offer multiple options to upload them. You can easily upload them as excel sheets, paste them or just simply type them.

Personalized Bulk SMS

Include names and other identities in your Bulk SMS for a personalized touch with no additional expense of resources or time. Reliable Reports of Real-Time Delivery.

Reliable Reports of Real-Time Delivery & Clicks

Our delivery reports are reliable and extensive in nature, covering many aspects relating to the delivery .

Subscribe / Unsubscribe at Ease

Make it easy for your customers to enroland exit at their preference. This can get even the most hesitant customers to give it a try.

Make your own gift vouchers

Gift coupons and offer codes are used for attractive marketing campaigns. With us, you can make your own .

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Send trusted messages with vSMS

Verified SMS (vSMS) adds sender verification and enhanced branding to your business text messages, making them safe and more trust worthy for your customers.

Brands using vSMS got a double-digit lift in key performance metrics across the customer journey.


“A business is an average of all its customers”

We have been fortunate to have such a wide range of clients from various industries from the beginning of our time. The complexity of their expectations and the extent of their needs have been the corner stone of our experience and success. Their satisfaction in our services had been the guiding force and the energy source of our business. We have listed the most prominent business brands among them to show you what we are made of.

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“One good review is a million-dollar marketing campaign”

Our consistent professionalism and stellar reliability had earned us a lot of regular customers, with whom we have travelled hand in hand, in their journey towards success. Some of them were even more generous to share their experience with our services. Listed below are their true words of satisfaction in our service, which we cherish more than anything in the entire world.

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